Kleber Morillo-Aguilar


INTRODUCTION. The fourth industrial revolution is a no return path for the entire business sector.  In the EU, 99% of SMEs are negatively impacted by the low technological adoption in their operational and production processes. OBJECTIVE. This Systematic Literature Review presents the results found in studies where the impact of the adoption of emerging technologies in SMEs is analyzed and their main trends are identified. METHOD. Through the systematic search, the selection of studies that include emerging technologies with the exception of DLTs and proposals for management directions for the adoption of DT in companies was made. Studies of DLTs are excluded in the search. RESULTS. Using scientific databases such as Elsevier, Springer link, IEEE among others, 41 related articles (Q1 (55%), Q2 (5%), Q3 (3%)) were found. Taking 87% of works as a reference, it was evidenced that there are still scattered empirical studies, and that proposals predominate in addressing the adoption of DT in SMEs. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS. It was identified that, within exploratory studies, the technological trend is connectivity, use of internet services and integration of digital technology. This study provides updated information on the trend to explore and exploit digital transformation in companies.



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K. Morillo-Aguilar, “Impact of technological enablers in the industry and manufacturing of SMEs”, CienciAmérica, vol. 11, no. 2, Nov. 2022, doi: 10.33210/ca.v11i2.394.

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